bioinorganic chemistry

The organisms uptake elements in different forms from the earth crust and the surrounding atmosphere. However, it is evident from the following table that there is rather a weak correlation between the distribution of various elements in the earth crust to that in the biological systems. Hence certain efficient and optimized systems and mechanisms are evolved for the uptake, utilization and storage of essential elements; all of which fall into the scope of Bioinorganic chemistry.


Earth crust Human body
Element % Element %
O 47 O 63
Si 28 C 25.5
Al 7.9 H 9.5
Fe 4.5 N 1.4
Ca 3.5 Ca 0.31
Na 2.5 P 0.22
K 2.5 K 0.08
Mg 2.2 S 0.06

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